mavs volleyball

Current MAVS Athletes

MAVS consistently sends more athletes to play collegiately than any other club in the region. Our commitment to player development coupled with our extensive network of collegiate-level programs has facilitated sending over 500 athletes to the next level.

For information on our current athletes, view our recruitment profiles below and contact our Recruitment Coordinator, Connor Gregston.

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MAVS 18s
MAVS 816 18-1
MAVS KC 17-1
MAVS 816 17-1
MAVS KC 17-2
MAVS 816 17-2
MAVS KC 16-1
MAVS 816 16-1
MAVS KC 16-2
MAVS 816 16-2
MAVS KC 15-1
MAVS 816 15-1
MAVS KC 15-2
MAVS 816 15-2